Dedicated server This service involves renting a physical server with a hosting provider and placing it in the data center. This is a server that is configured specifically to solve your tasks. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. We provide space in the server room, provide uninterrupted meals and internet connection, security. Our company also provides system services for your server. Dedicated server and colocation are typically targeted at web projects that have a large number of users, require computing power, large processing time, and high traffic. It is also an important factor that in the case of a dedicated physical server you have access to a variety of software applications and full control of the server. This allows you to carry out a project of any complexity. Among the projects that need a colocation and a dedicated server.

Our Servers


IBM 3250

HP Intel

IBM – Custom


1 x Quad Core Xeon

2 x Quad Core Xeon

On request

CPU frequency

2.66 Ghz

2.xx Ghz

On request


4 GB 

8 GB

On request

Discourse Space (HDD)

2 x 160 GB Sata 

2 x 300 GB Sata

On request


RAID 0/1

Sata RAID 0/1

On request

Local speed

100 Mbps

100 Mbps

On request

Global speed

2/10 Mbps Shared

2/10 Mbps Shared

On request

(Including VAT)

200 Gel

300 Gel

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