About Us

Click_ computer services are the most secure and protected among similar services. One of the guarantees of high quality and speed of service is a qualified team of professional employees of the company, who have undergone special training in service culture, software management for both Microsoft and Apple products. Click_subscribers will be served by both operators and IT specialists. Our specialists mainly work with the remote control system, however, even if the problem requires complexity, the subscriber can use the on-site service as well. What does remote service include? Our subscribers can enjoy unlimited online consultation throughout the month; We are at your service from Monday to Friday (from 10 am to 6 pm) to contact you when it is convenient for you; You do not need to wait for our operator or service group; You are protected from unnecessary visitors; The service process is as safe and reliable as possible. In addition, you control the process from your computer and watch how our IT specialist solves a technical defect or problem. What if the problem can not be solved at the operator level? In case our operator is not able to solve your problem remotely, you will use the services of a mobile group, who will visit you at a convenient time and solve the problem on the spot. In case of mechanical damage to the computer parts (power supply, RAM, processor or hard drive) you will be able to use the service center of our partner company, where within our packages you will receive computer diagnostics services at no extra charge.
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