• Information retention • Operating system (windows) installation • Install and run different versions of Microsoft Office • We also ensure the installation of any other software • Construction of network infrastructure • Mail – hosting, domain registration, web space, • Dedicated server • Switch, Router, Accesspoint_ Secure installation Configuration • You can also use our online consultation on computer, peripheral and other system devices

The full range of computer services developed for corporate clients and our company is committed to providing:

• Initial qualified audit of the existing condition of computers, software and network, identification of weaknesses and deficiencies.
• Develop a network architecture and bring it up to standards
• Introduce a developed scheme
• Proper distribution and maintenance of customer’s local area network addresses, routing and authentication
• Organize an antivirus protection system.
• Provide:

• Antivirus database upgrade process
• Holding e-mail boxes on “Mail Clients”
• Ensuring that employees are connected to the Internet within the framework of the rights and rules granted by the Customer
Organize and configure firewall systems for unauthorized Internet access at the request of the “customer”
• Installation / reinstallation of Windows operating systems on computers owned by “Customer” (in case the operating system requires licensing, the licensee is responsible for providing the license codes, which is provided with its own funds).
• Install / uninstall and maintain software agreed with the Customer and provided by him.
• Allocating 5 GB of space for backup copies of documentation to the server on the server belonging to the “Executor” for online backup.

• Perform planned work once a month:
• Check that the network is working properly
• Update drivers as needed
• Upgrade antivirus database
• Install various types of commonly accepted software on computers at the request of the “Customer”.
• Check the backup of documentation on the server.

• In addition to the computer services listed above, we are committed to providing:
• Troubleshooting software updates, upgrading versions, virus-free and other unnecessary tasks on Client computers as well as online help.

• 10.00 – 19.00, and on Saturdays from 10.00 -16.00. When a type of computer and software problem is detected, which can not be remotely remedied by the service center, our team of competent specialists will come to the “customer” facility.
• Indicative service prices are as follows:

• 1-5 computers / devices – 150 GEL
• 5-10 computers / devices – 200 GEL
• 10-15 computers / devices – 300 GEL
• 15-20 computers / devices – 400 GEL
• 20-25 computers / devices – 500 GEL

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